Customizing your first website

In just a few minutes, you can design an entire website and have it published to the web. Let’s run through the quick basics!

In the first tutorial, we went over how to create your first website. A brief overview of what we covered:

  • Starting a new project
  • Choosing a template for your site
  • Choosing the domain name of the site
  • An introduction to customization & design tools

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Creating your first website

UWeb is a modern web design tool aimed at the average user. We make it easy to create your first website – no coding experience required!

Let’s start by creating your first project using an existing template.

1.1 Starting Your First Project

  1. Click on the New Project button in your Dashboard
  2. Select a template to work from
  3. Give your project a name (this will also be the domain name)
  4. Click Create Project and the builder will automatically launch

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